Boat appropriate iPad mounts

Many people started their life as a boater with paper charts. However with the digital revolution, you could load navigation software onto your laptop and connect it via a serial port to your GPS. Jump ahead a few years and we now have the iPad and the new Navionics app! This is a game changer. There is a lot to say about the app itself, but let us focus on some of the related accessories, namely the RAM iPad Mounts.

Here are the RAM-B-166-202U suction mount twist lock and the RAM-HOL-AP8U cradle, which can be purchased for $75.

It is easy to install and the suction cup version really sticks. It can be purchased with mounting screws but that means drilling holes in your boat.

Photos courtesy of The website lists a number of different options for both the iPad and iPad2, not to mention pretty much every electronic device, marine and non-marine, on the market.

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  1. Monica:
    Jul 19, 2011 at 02:05 AM

    Thanks for the info--hard to know what to buy these days--nice for an indepth comment from someone who knows!

  2. Dave Campbell:
    Jul 19, 2011 at 02:20 AM

    That is the software that Chris is using. He's quite impressed with it.

  3. Karen Keating:
    Jul 20, 2011 at 09:56 PM

    Thanks for the info., I'm always looking for a new gadget to buy.

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