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Waterproofing with duct tape: the cons

Duct tape has numerous uses, but in many cases there are better alternatives. In marine applications, duct tape is often used hastily to waterproof a mounting hole while work is being done. Unfortunately, this frequently leaves behind adhesive residue from the tape, or even worse, rips off the paint. Using masking tape can reduce these problems; however, it is not as sticky and it is not waterproof at all, making it useful only in dry situations. 

For long-term waterproofing of an empty hole, always use a fascia with either a rubberized gasket or a glue seal --  duct-tape just isn't suitable. To securely connect things that you might otherwise find duct taped together, we recommend using tie straps (also called zip ties or cable ties), which are also available with a loop to mount the tie strap to a wall using a screw. If you have to remove old duct-tape, a little acetone will remove any residual adhesive, though never use acetone on painted finishes such as varnish as they will be permanently damaged.

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