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Solar Panel Location

Solar panels are a great addition to any DC system as an alternative charging source. Once the initial investment of purchasing and installing the panels and charge controllers has been made, there is virtually no further investment necessary. The only maintenance required is to keep the panel surfaces clean.

Starter Batteries vs Ship’s Batteries

Battery design and construction is quite different depending on the intended application. A battery that is designed for starting applications will be designed to have the largest plate surface area possible. This high surface area allows for rapid high amperage discharge typical of an engine starting draw down.

Battery Capacity vs. Discharge Rate

There are fundamental electrical principles, many based on Ohms law, that are constantly presenting themselves in various situations. The fact that Watts is equivalent to Volt x Current is always at the forefront of most design considerations. When it comes to battery capacity the amount of current being pulled from the bank has an important consequence to the overall capacity.

Engine Switches and Senders

Most boat operators are familiar with their gauge set and are aware that there is a device on the engine providing a signal to the gauge that allows it to provide useful information. However, many boaters are unfamiliar with the nature of those engine mounted devices.

Switch Terminology

In order to understand switches, it is necessary to understand the terminology associated with switches.First, a switch is a device that controls the flow of electricity by either stopping the flow (the switch is “off” or more correctly it is “open”), or by diverting the flow as with a changeover switch.

Connecting and Disconnecting from Shore Power

There is a suggested sequence for connecting and disconnecting from shore power and sound reasoning for it. When connecting to shore power, first make sure the main AC disconnect switch is in the “off” position and connect to the boat side inlet before connecting to the...

AC Reverse Polarity Indicator

An important part of a boat’s AC shore power system is the reverse polarity indicator light. Typically, power to a 120VAC system is delivered on three lines. A reverse polarity situation arises when the hot and neutral lines are inadvertently crossed making the neutral “hot”.

Double Pole AC Circuit Breaker

Most boats have a shore power inlet to plug into dockside power. The power supplied is AC (alternating current), and it is usually available in 240V/120V, with a 30A, 50A or 100A service offered. Most mid-sized boats (32 to 45 foot) will have a 30A inlet installed, as original equipment...

Vexilar Portable Depth Sounder/Fishfinder with built-in WiFi

This is a very cool idea. It looks like a tennis ball but it is a portable WiFi fish finder. The Vexilar SonarPhone T-Pod Sonar/Transducer can be cast, thrown from shore or pulled behind your boat. The SP100 has a single beam, 30 degree wide-angle beam signal using a 125 kHz transmit frequency. It has a self-contained battery that turns off automatically to save power, is charged through a computer USB port or the included USB wall plug charging cube and lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Furuno 1st Watch Wireless Radar DRS4W

The Furuno DRS4W is the first wireless radar that can connect to your iPhone or iPad from up to 10 meters away. The radar is very similar to the Furuno 4KW dome radar, with a 36 mile range but the DRS4W has a built-in WiFi module. You still have to run a power cord but no thick radar cable.

Page 1 of 16    Total Results: 155